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Sibanor Clinic c/o WEC International P.O Box 86 Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

Home of Sibanor Clinic

Sibanor is one of the WEC International stations in The Gambia

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General Clinic

There are three main clinic days.......

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CARE Centre

The CARE team provide a range of services aimed at........

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About us

WEC International in The Gambia is part of.............

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About us

Learn more about our vision, goals and what drives us.

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How did the work start in the Gambia? What has happened in the past? Learn something about the WEC history in the Gambia.

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In our gallery you will find a few pictures about our stations and our work here in the Gambia. Have a look!

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Do you have any questions about our work and ministry? Do you want to join us? We look forward to getting a message from you.

We want to share God’s love in order to bring people into a personal relationship with HIM, with each other and with his creation. It is our desire that those who don't know him can come to trust, serve him and grow as disciples. We want to see those who live in sickness, ignorance, poor environments, poverty and unrest come to experience health, education, good environment, dignity and peace.