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Sibanor Clinic c/o WEC International P.O Box 86 Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

CARE centre

The CARE team provide a range of services to prevent and treat HIV. HIV counselling and testing is offered to anyone who requests it. It is also offered to sick patients presenting to the general clinic, to all antenatal patients and to the contacts of HIV patients.

We regularly send teams into the community to educate people about HIV and offer testing in their homes. Once a patient tests positive for HIV, they are enrolled into our CARE programme. We review them regularly, providing medical care, nutritional support and counselling. We are part of the government’s HIV programme and have access to anti-retroviral therapy.

Pregnant women who test positive are offered medical care to prevent their child being infected with the virus. The children of HIV patients are supported with nutritional supplements and financial support towards their school fees. Our home-based care team visit HIV and other chronically ill patients in their homes – providing nursing, medical, social and spiritual support as needed.Sibanor July 2013 122