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Sibanor Clinic c/o WEC International P.O Box 86 Banjul, The Gambia, West Africa

General clinic

There are three main clinic days:

  • Monday is the general outpatient clinic.
  • Tuesday, we see antenatal patients.
  • Wednesday is our infant welfare clinic.

Patients come to the general outpatient clinic with acute infections and chronic problems, such as high blood pressure, heart failure, diabetes, asthma and epilepsy.

We offer every woman who comes to the clinic an ultrasound scan, an HIV test, worm medication and preventative treatment for malaria, alongside regularly monitoring their blood pressure and haemoglobin level. We identify women who are at high risk of experiencing a complication during their pregnancy, so that we can refer them on early.

Our infant welfare clinic is supported by the local Public Health Officer who provides routine vaccination. Our staff weigh every child to monitor their growth. We provide nutritional advice and even supplements where necessary. We also treat any acute medical illnesses the children present with.

On Thursdays, we send teams out to 2 villages that are far from the main road to offer infant welfare services and basic medical care.

At all other times, the clinic is open to deal with medical emergencies. Every day the laboratory is open to provide basic blood and urine tests including haemoglobin, malaria smears, HIV tests, urine albumin. We can check blood glucose levels and look for TB in sputum. The ambulance is an important resource – enabling us to quickly transfer sick patients to a centre where they can receive surgical help or a blood transfusion.